Liz Levine

Vice President, Communications

 Liz was born across the river in New Brunswick, NJ and grew up in East Brunswick, NJ.  She loves college sports and enjoys meeting new people, so she chose to attend the University of Florida as an out-of-state Gator. During her time at UF, she served as President of the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society, President of the Springs Area Residential Council, House President for Keys Governing Body and was UF’s Communications Chair for Sports Illustrated on Campus.  Liz graduated from UF in 2008 with a B.S. in Public Relations from the College of Journalism and Communications and a B.A. in Spanish from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

After graduating from UF, Liz moved back to the tristate area and completed a master’s degree in public relations as well as a master’s degree in journalism.  She has been working for CBS Television since 2008.  She will tell you that the many hours she logs watching television are simply for work research, but that’s probably not true. Seinfeld is her favorite show of all time. She believes that other than love of the Gators, there is no love greater than the love of food.  She doesn’t eat to live; she lives to eat – and it doesn’t hurt that she dabbles in baking.  She once ate 35 blueberry pancakes in under 10 minutes in an eating contest, and she can eat a hot dog in under 5 seconds. Liz watches more athletic events than any human being probably should, but she takes pride in her love of sports, and she will go to extreme lengths to watch the Gators compete – even if that means traveling to another country to support her alma mater.  You can usually find Liz willing the Gators to victory at a Gotham Gators partner bar.  She is thrilled to be on the Gotham Gators executive board, and she is always open to new ideas/suggestions.