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jennifer elliot

Vice President, Young alumni & Scholarships

Jen was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida by a family of avid gator fans.  Although she did not fully grasp the rules of football until she was at UF, she has fond memories of watching games/cheering on the gators with family and friends (especially the 2004 defeat of FSU in Tallahassee).

In her time at UF she came to understand football (making going to games much more enjoyable), was a resident assistant, and an active member of Baptist Collegiate Ministries and swing dancing club, all while earning degrees in astronomy and theater.

After graduating in 2009 she headed north and earned a Masters at Seton Hall University.  Today she works in museum education in NYC, working with students of all ages and coordinating teacher training.  When not working she enjoys going to the beach, winning at trivia nights, and watching gator football.