Susanna James

VP Design

Susanna was born and raised in Gainesville and has been a Gator her whole life. UF has always been an important part of her family. Her parents met at the university and both her father and grandfather played football there. 

In 2011 Susanna graduated from UF with a Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in graphic design. During her time at UF Susanna was a member of Vox Graphis a student motivated design group. She could also be seen in the stands at every football and basketball game possible. 

After graduation, Susanna lived and worked in Washington D.C. at an advertising agency, eventually moving to NYC at the beginning to 2015. Now she works for a strategic branding agency as a senior designer and digital strategist. 

In the fall you can find Susanna cheering on the best team in the nation at a local Gator pub.