Gotham Gator 2015/16 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the 2016/17 school year recipients of the Gotham Gator scholarships


Incoming Freshman Scholarship Winner
(Out-of-state student from Gotham Gator Club territory)  

Risa Zucker - 1st Place ($1000)

"I grew up in Oceanside, New York surrounded by a loving family and a wealth of friends. Till this day I have endured long-lasting friendships since my early education in nursery and elementary school. I always begged my mom for play dates and sleepovers every weekend. My passion for sports began at 5 years old running up and down the soccer field.  I soon added softball and basketball to my repertoire. I was fortunate to play at the varsity level in all three. I looked forward every summer to day camp and later sleep away camp. Last year I was so happy to be a counselor at the sleep away camp I grew up with.  My love for travel evolved from visiting my Grandparents in Florida and from family vacations. I was privileged two summers ago to go on a Teen-Tour to Europe, the ultimate vacation. My High School experience has been wonderful. I not only grew as a student each year challenging myself with additional honors courses, but grew as responsible confident person by participating in many clubs and fund-raising events. As graduation is drawing near I’m very excited to continue my academic journey as a University of Florida Gator."


 NYC Summer Intern Scholarship Winner
(UF student with unpaid NYC summer internship)  

Francesca Levy - 1st Place ($1000)

"My name is Francesca Levy, and I just finished my second year at the greatest University out there (the University of Florida, of course). I am majoring in Art Education with a minor in art history and a concentration in Creative Photography. In Gainesville I volunteer teaching art with Alachua County Public schools, am the College of the Arts senator, work part time as a Resident Assistant in Jennings Hall, volunteer at the Harn Museum of Art and serve as a School of Art and Art History Ambassador. I decided to attend UF not only because it is the best value in education out there but because it is home to a welcoming and encouraging community that I knew I would be able to call home. This summer I will be interning in the education department at the International Center of Photography and am forever grateful to the incredible faculty and programs in the School of Art and Art History for the opportunity to learn and pursue a field of study that I am truly passionate about."


Continuing Education Scholarship Winner
(Out-of-state student from Gotham Gator Club territory)  

Brent Carris - 1st Place ($500)

"I am Brent Carris, a third year Marketing major and Information Systems minor at the University of Florida. This past spring semester I studied abroad in London where along with my studies, I had a two month internship. My abroad experience helped build my marketing skills and international business perspective. This summer I am working at the Insurance Information Institute where I will be doing marketing and data analysis. I am excited to get more insight into the insurance industry. Additionally, I am very interested in music. One of my favorite organizations at school is the Reitz Union Board. My experience with this has given me a greater look into the music industry, where I potentially hope to work post graduation. I am also a member of the Theta Delta chapter of the Chi Phi fraternity. I am grateful for all the life-long friends I have made through it and the network I will always have. I cannot imagine spending my undergraduate time at any school other than the University of Florida. I have been a fan since birth as my father is an avid alumnus. While I am reaching my last year I am happy to know that I will be a part of the Gator Nation for life."