2019 Scholarship recipients


Charles ulrich

Gotham Gator Incoming Freshman Scholarship Recipient

My name is Charles Ulrich. I’m from Syosset, New York and I’m currently attending Syosset High School. In my free time I enjoy involving myself in clubs such as Tech Club, Investment Club, Global Initiative Committee, DECA, and many other groups. Over the past couple of summers I have worked as a sleepaway camp counselor where I learned patience, and how to truly care for others. My favorite subjects in school are physics and computer science. These two classes have had a great influence on me as they showed me where I want my career to go. At University of Florida I plan to study aerospace engineering and develop a career in the field. I might also minor in computer science as my current computer science classes have shown me a new passion.

libby bryant.jpg


Gotham Gator Incoming Freshman Scholarship Recipient

My name is Elizabeth Bryant and I am currently a senior at Wall High School in New Jersey. Through high school, I have been involved in several extracurriculars. I have focused on business and accounting. I have been involved with DECA and my school’s business and finance academy. Through this academy, I was able to secure a summer accounting internship with a local company under their Accounting head. Also, I have continuously volunteered with the American Littoral Society, with Interact Club, and with the National Honor Society. For as long as I can remember, the University of Florida has been a university that I wanted to strive for. My father is an alumnus of UF and has always praised it as the most amazing school; from an academic, social, and sports perspective. Not only am I continuing a legacy of a University of Florida education, but also I am receiving a top-rated accounting degree. Go Gators!

Derek Marks.JPG

derek marks

Gotham Gator Incoming Freshman Scholarship Recipient

Hello Gators, my name is Derek Marks and I am a senior at Pine Bush High School in Pine Bush, New York. I have been wanting to attend the University of Florida before I could even remember, and on February 8th of this year my dream came true. I am majoring in industrial engineering at UF since I’m interested in both engineering and business and I found that this area would allow me to explore both fields. I’ve played Varsity Golf for four years in high school and am interested in continuing golf at UF, whether it be on a team or simply for fun. I am grateful to the Gotham Gators for aiding me in funding my education at UF, and am ecstatic to begin in August. Follow me on Instagram @derekmarks to view my journey throughout my four years in Gainesville. Go Gators!

rachel rosenthal

Gotham Gator Incoming Freshman Scholarship Recipient

My name is Rachel Rosenthal and I am currently a senior at Commack High School in Long Island, New York. Throughout high school, I have been heavily involved in volunteer work and extracurricular activities at my school. Over the years, I have enjoyed participating in Relay for Life, Varsity Tennis, choir, volunteering at a local hospital and being a member of various honor societies and clubs. I was also a part of the IB Diploma Programme and took AP courses as well. I am looking forward to furthering my academic journey at the University of Florida next year as a chemistry major on a pre-health track. Furthermore, I am excited to continue to volunteer and give back to the community at UF, as well as continue to pursue my passions through participating in extracurriculars.


stephanie cobb

Gotham Gator Incoming Freshman Scholarship Recipient

My name is Stephanie Cobb. I was born in Orlando, FL and raised in Sandy Hook, CT. Since my freshman year at Newtown High School, I’ve been heavily involved in my high school’s debate team. I’ve also enjoyed volunteering at my local library and in my school’s writing center. I hope to become an actuary one day, and I plan on majoring in Statistics. As a lifelong Gator, I couldn’t be more excited to return to my home state and spend my next four years at the University of Florida!